Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! We certainly are NOT a job site. We only assist you in getting prepared for your dream job.

Errrr… It depends. Right now we have limited resources. We can’t precisely place a time frame but we assure you of a timely delivery of your new CV.

Basically we identify missing items on your CV before rewriting them. Our job is to make your CV look professional and competitive, while identifying necessary skills needed to make you stand out.

The interview assistant is to take the burden off your shoulders when you have a job interview. We give you information about your potential employer and tips to succeed for the job interview.

Sigh… That’s quite tight. Anyways, we always check out the time frame and answer based on how urgent it is. However, you could send us a mail at urgent@crazycv.com.

Nooo! We are robots. We don’t need your money (lol). On a serious note, we have a zero price policy for our services. We rather want to see you succeed.

info@crazycv.com… We also appreciate encouragements with open arms.

Absolutely NOT! We do not work with or influence any HR personnel or firm in any way.

Yeah sure! We provide your revamped CV in an editable .doc or .docx format. So you can edit at will.

They are CrazyCV finest! They are in charge of revamping your CV or assisting you with your upcoming interview. Of course you don’t get to see them but they are constantly working in the background. We know what you’re thinking… They are very well paid.